While many firms focus only on investing, Kult Wealth Management draws on our in-house expertise and outside professional resources to offer you a more comprehensive approach to managing your wealth.

Retirement planning. Whether you are years from retiring, near retirement, or already retired, we can help you create financial security.

Ten or more years until retirement – We review current savings, anticipated savings and retirement goals to help you determine whether your plan can help you achieve your retirement goals. We recommend saving strategies and vehicles and help you establish or maintain a disciplined savings routine.

Less than 10 years until retirement – We assess your progress toward your retirement goals and factor in any changes in your personal or financial situation. Based on this assessment, we review your savings strategy and recommend changes based on what is right for you.

Retired – Once you are retired, the primary focus changes from accumulation to distribution of your retirement savings. We guide you in account withdrawal strategies - balancing cash flow needs, distribution requirements, and income tax implications. The impact of your investment performance is heightened: as always, we consider your time horizon and goals when investing your assets.

Investment management. We design well-diversified investment plans, building on an asset allocation that fits your goals and timeline. Our professionals follow a disciplined process and use low-cost indexes and investment managers to create your portfolio, then monitor and rebalance to keep your plan on track. To learn more about our investment philosophy, select the “Philosophy” tab.

Tax planning. Minimizing the impact of taxes is valuable whether you are planning for retirement or already retired. As you save for retirement, we help you make informed decisions on pre-tax and after-tax savings options, giving you more flexibility to minimize taxes when you withdraw from your investments during retirement. When you are retired, we calculate your required withdrawals from your retirement accounts and related tax withholdings and monitor the impact of distributions on your tax rate. And we always weigh the tax implications when we make investment management decisions for your portfolio.

General guidance on insurance and estate planning. We help assess your needs in these important wealth management components. We can work as necessary with your existing attorney or insurance agent or refer you to professionals in these areas. Kult Wealth Management is not affiliated with the professionals we may recommend, nor are there any financial incentives for us to have our clients work with these professionals.