Discipline is the foundation of Kult Wealth Management’s investment philosophy. We firmly believe that designing and following a specific investment strategy based on discipline rather than emotion provides the best chance for success. And we build your strategy on thorough analysis and organization, based on these key beliefs:

Asset allocation defines how your wealth will be invested among different types of investments. Adhering to this asset allocation, rather than letting your investments drift with the whims of the investment markets, is a key to success.

Diversification is designed to control your risk and improve your odds of long-term success by investing in different types of investments, often referred to as “asset classes.” Although different asset classes reliably take turns leading the pack, predicting the timing of these shifts is difficult at best. We spread your investments over numerous asset classes rather than increasing risk by attempting to predict next year’s winner.

Disciplined rebalancing is perhaps our most important investment service. We have found most individuals lack the time or interest to continuously monitor and rebalance their portfolios. This leads to portfolios heavily skewed toward past winners, exposing them to potential whiplash when the market changes. With a well-defined asset allocation plan and discliplined rebalancing — lightening up on winning investments and purchasing more of lagging investments — we seek to avoid this whiplash and participate to a greater extent should a recently-lagging asset class take its turn at the front of the pack.

Investment cost is the one investment characteristic that is controllable — so we make sure we control it for you. By using a combination of ultra-low cost index investments and reasonably-priced, proven investment managers (“passive” and “active” investments), we can design and manage a cost-effective portfolio for you.

Protecting and growing your wealth is our goal; each aspect is equally important to us.